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Posted on: January 2, 2018

Council Meeting Format Changes

Mayor Katie Witt

On January 4th, there will be a few new faces on council – but that won’t be the only change to our city council meetings. Since November, council members have been working with staff to come up with ways to make sure our meetings are consistent, collaborative, and concise – balancing increased public participation with efficient meetings.

Here are four changes you will see in our city council meetings starting January 4th.


One of the first actions the new city council will take will be to institute a change to our rules of procedure, making 10 PM our stop time. Meetings may be extended by motion, as necessary.


Administrative items (minutes, appointments, etc.) will be put on a consent agenda, which will be passed as a block. Council members may remove items from the consent agenda to discuss individually if necessary.


After the opening, presentations, and consent agenda, the meeting will be divided into two segments: an action agenda and a work agenda.

The action agenda will contain items that have been previously discussed by council, or are time sensitive in nature. A staff member will introduce the item, and then there will be a public comment period for residents to weigh in prior to council’s deliberations.

The work agenda will be a time for reports to be given and issues to be discussed more fully by council, and for direction to be given to staff. Time limits will be placed on each item, which may necessitate a return to the work agenda the following council meeting. In this way, all issues will be thoroughly vetted prior to being moved to the action agenda.

By moving to this system, almost all items will have to take at least two trips through city council prior to a vote. There will be sufficient time (usually two weeks) to allow residents to give feedback to their council members via email or phone.



Public comment period, which currently is at the beginning of the meeting, will be moved to just after the work agenda. This way residents can give feedback on work agenda items. Additionally, council members have made a commitment to respond to emails and phone calls within 48 hours, and this method of communicating with council members is encouraged.

The 2018 Kaysville City Council hopes to increase their effectiveness by instituting these changes, and looks forward to working with you in the coming years.

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