Snow Removal

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Kaysville City Public Works is dedicated to keeping the roads safe during the winter season. We strive to remove snow and ice from our roads as quickly and safely as possible to maintain a safe flow of traffic throughout the city. Emphasis is also placed on ensuring emergency services can be provided throughout the city. Our crews will clear snow from primary roads first. This is so the streets with the most amount of regular and emergency traffic are as safe as possible. Weather conditions determine the amount of plows and types of materials used for each storm.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Kaysville City Ordinance 9-2-3 prohibits any obstruction of travel on a public sidewalk. Property owners are required to remove snow on all public sidewalks abutting their property within twenty-four hours from any snowfall. This includes corner lots and properties that back onto public streets. Shoveling snow and ice from your sidewalks is important for the safety of residents. It is also illegal to shovel or blow snow into the street.

Trim Low-Hanging Branches in Winter

Keeping streets clear of winter snow is a huge responsibility, one that is vital in maintaining safety for motorists and pedestrians. The Kaysville City Public Works Department does a great job plowing excess snow from city streets. However, in order to do their job effectively, they need your help.

Please check the trees located in the park strip and behind sidewalks around your property for low-hanging branches. These can obstruct views, especially when laden with snow, and cause problems for drivers. Low branching trees and shrubs make it difficult for snow plows to clear the snow from curb to curb and can cause problems for street sweeper, garbage trucks, and delivery vehicles.

Kaysville City Tree Ordinances

Per Kaysville City Ordinance Chapter 9 of Title 2-10, Kaysville City crews need your continued assistance. Be advised that all trees should be trimmed back in a manner acceptable to the individual property owner that also clears a path for snow plows and other city maintenance vehicles. The standard required is 14 feet in height from the top of the back of the curb. This will enable large equipment to drive underneath the trees to maintain the city streets. After December 15 in those areas where limbs continue to impede public works activities, Kaysville City crews will return and trim the applicable trees. 

Please be aware that city public works crews are not certified arborists and will take special care to trim trees to meet height requirements only and will not trim trees for beauty or tree health. If individual residents want to contract with a professional tree trimmer or to trim the trees themselves but can’t complete this task by December 15, please contact Amanda or Stacy at 801-544-8112. The applicable address will be added to the “do not cut” list.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Kaysville City Public Works Department. We appreciate all that our residents do to maintain their private property, as well as the city right of way and park strip. Thank you for your cooperation.

What Residents Can Do to Help

  • Park all vehicles, trailers and boats off of the streets. Ridges of snow around vehicles parked on streets will freeze and can prevent or slow down future snoSnow Removal w removal. It could also potentially cause accidents when a vehicle hits them. Kaysville City Ordinance restricts the parking of any vehicle in the street right-of-way between midnight and 6 a.m. from November 1st to the last day of February.
  • Clear your sidewalks as soon as possible. Snow removal on sidewalks is required to be done within 24 hours of any snow fall event. We encourage residents to work together to keep sidewalks clear for safe passage. To report a problem, please contact Code Enforcement.
  • If there is a fire hydrant near your house, clear the snow around it. Make a wide enough perimeter around it (about 3 feet) for firefighters to work. Also clear a path from the hydrant to the street.
  • Push snow shoved into driveways by snow plows into the area between your sidewalk and curb; NOT into the street. Snow pushed back into the street could freeze and become hidden by new snow, which could cause vehicles to slide out of control.
  • Aim snowblowers into front yards away from sidewalks and street. Ice and rocks, as well as powder snow, are blown out many feet and could hit parked or passing cars. Also, snow blown into the street could freeze and become slick.Fire Hydrant Clearance
  • Don't crowd snowplows. Give them plenty of room, don't tailgate or stop too close behind them. If you find yourself behind a snow plow, stay behind it or use extreme caution when passing. The road behind a snowplow will be safer to drive on.
  • Slow down for wet, snowy or icy conditions; when visibility is poor, or when conditions are changing. Allow additional room between your vehicle and others. Drive defensively and cautiously.

Contact the Public Works Department at 801-544-8112 if you should see snow or ice control problems.