Temporary Merchants, Food Trucks & Fireworks Sales

This is for a business that is temporary or seasonal in nature. Temporary merchants can only be located within commercially zoned areas. It is unlawful for any person to conduct business of a temporary merchant without first securing a business license therefore. Temporary business licenses are good for not more than 180 days, with the exception of food trucks. Please note that if you would like to do business in more than one location within the city, you will need to obtain a business license for each location.


To apply for a license you will first need to register your business name with the Utah Department of Commerce and obtain a temporary tax number. For a temporary tax number you can call the Department of Commerce Special Events Unit at 801-297-6303. When you submit your business license application you will also need to submit a site plan for your proposed business indicating where you will set up your temporary business, also indicating off-street parking. If you will be using electricity, we will need to know how you will be providing it to your location.

You will also need to submit a letter from the property owner giving permission to use their property. You can show this via letter, lease agreement or similar document, or you may use the Commercial Property Permission Form. The Zoning Administrator and Fire Chief will then look at the proposed site and see if it will work with zoning, city, and fire code regulations. Fireworks stands are required to have a fire inspection once your stand, tent or trailer is in place. To apply you may bring in the necessary paperwork by clicking the Document link: "Temporary Merchant Application (PDF)" on this page, or by applying online by going here: Temporary Merchant Application.  If you are considered a food truck or trailer, please fill out the Food Truck Application.


If your business involves any food product you will be required to have an inspection from the Davis County Health Department. A copy of this inspection will need to be submitted to our office before a license can be issued.


The Temporary Merchant business license fees include a license set-up fee, a business license fee, and a refundable bond. The bond will be refunded to you once your business has finished, vacated the site and the Zoning Administrator has conducted an inspection to see that everything has been restored to its previous state.