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November 15-December 13

Are you, your family, place of employment, or community/religious group looking for a way to get involved during the Christmas season?

We need your help!

Kaysville City is a wonderful place to live with many kind, generous, and giving residents and businesses. As a city we have several local charities that are in need of assistance and support from our community. In 2017 we started Kaysville GIVES to provide a way for our community to GIVE back to those in need from our own community.

Kaysville GIVES works with Safe Harbor Crisis Center, Head Start, Mountain High School and the Bountiful Food Pantry who services our area. We were able to provide gifts for 250 Sub for Santa tags from the City Hall Christmas Tree, fill needs of individuals for hygiene items, art supplies, gift cards, diapers and wipes and hundreds and hundreds of pounds of food for the food pantry. Many families had a Merry Christmas thanks to many who donated.

Because of our great experience last year, we are adding more families this year to sponsor!

Be aware that participating might bring joy and happiness.

Many ways to help:

  • Click here to make an online donation.  
  • Click here to shop the AMAZON Kaysville City GIVES- 2019 shopping list.(items added soon) All items will be directly shipped to Kaysville City.
  • December 7th we will be hosting a "Fill the Fire Truck" event at the Fire house. Donation suggestions: new blankets and throw pillows, coats(for men, women, and children), items from donation list, make a cash donation, or take a tag to fill for a gift. Click here for more info.
  • Donate NEW coats, clothing or blankets @ Kaysville City Offices or at the Kaysville Rec building. (Used items will not be accepted.)
  • Donations can be dropped off at Wasatch Soccer Facility on 1188 Sportsplex Dr. Kaysville.
  • Gift card donations for groceries, gas, and clothing. Please drop gift cards off to Kaysville City or Kaysville Parks and Recreation.
  • Shop at Smith's and Bowman's. Each store will have a list of items that can be found in their stores. You can  leave items in Kaysville GIVES bins found by the registers. We will come pick it up.
  • Visit City Hall (located inside the Kaysville Police Station) and take a tag off the Christmas Tree for Sub for Santa gifts.
  • Visit VASA Fitness to get a tag for Christmas Gifts. Gifts can be returned at VASA.
  • You can make a financial donation at City Hall by check, cash or credit card.

Men's gift ideas:

Underwear- all sizes

Socks- all sizes

T-shirts- all sizes

Pants- all sizes

Dress Shirts- all sizes

Coats/Jackets- all sizes

 Food and Paper Products:

-Any non-perishable canned or boxed food items that are not expired

-Most needed items include: Canned Pasta (Ravioli, Spaghettios, etc.), canned meat, peanut butter, black beans, lunchbox items (pudding cups, fruit cups and juice boxes)

-Wrapping paper, gift boxes and tape

Women’s gift ideas: 



Gloves/hat/scarf set


Water bottles


Gift baskets- bubble bath, lotions, bath bombs, makeup


Underwear, socks, pajamas, and t-shirts

Gift Cards

$10-$25 from restaurants, grocery stores, Amazon, clothing stores, gas cards, fast food places.

Kids’ gift ideas:

Board games

Card games

Coloring books

Crayons/markers/colored pencils


LEGO sets


Arts & crafts supplies



Learning/educational toys

Outdoor toys