Kaysville GIVES

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Many ways to help:

  • Click here to for the Kaysville GIVES Amazon Wish List. All items will be sent directly to Kaysville City.
  • Click here to make an online monetary donation.  
  • December 7th come donate at the  "Fill the Fire Truck" event at the Kaysville Fire Station. Donation suggestions: new blankets and throw pillows, coats(for men, women, and children), items from donation list, make a cash donation, give gift cards or take a tag to fill for a gift. Click here for more info.
  • Donate NEW coats, clothing or blankets @ Kaysville City Offices or at the Kaysville Rec building. (Used items will not be accepted.)
  • Donations can be dropped off at Wasatch Soccer Facility on 1188 Sportsplex Dr. Kaysville.
  • Gift card donations for groceries, gas, and clothing. Please drop gift cards off to Kaysville City or Kaysville Parks and Recreation.
  • Shop at Smith's and Bowman's. Each store will have a list of items that can be found in their stores. You can leave items in Kaysville GIVES bins found by the registers. 
  • Visit City Hall (located inside the Kaysville Police Station) and take a tag off the Christmas Tree for Sub for Santa gifts.
  • Visit VASA Fitness to get a tag for Christmas Gifts. Gifts can be returned at VASA.
  • You can make a financial donation at City Hall by check, cash or credit card.

Men's gift ideas:

Underwear- all sizes

Socks- all sizes

T-shirts- all sizes

Pants- all sizes

Dress Shirts- all sizes

Coats/Jackets- all sizes

 Food and Paper Products:

-Any non-perishable canned or boxed food items that are not expired

-Most needed items include: Canned Pasta (Ravioli, Spaghettios, etc.), canned meat, peanut butter, black beans, lunchbox items (pudding cups, fruit cups and juice boxes)

-Wrapping paper, gift boxes and tape

Women’s gift ideas: 



Gloves/hat/scarf set


Water bottles


Gift baskets- bubble bath, lotions, bath bombs, makeup


Underwear, socks, pajamas, and t-shirts

Gift Cards

$10-$25 from restaurants, grocery stores, Amazon, clothing stores, gas cards, fast food places.

Kids’ gift ideas:

Board games

Card games

Coloring books

Crayons/markers/colored pencils


LEGO sets


Arts & crafts supplies



Learning/educational toys

Outdoor toys