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Understanding the cost of fiber is the single most important factor in making your decision. Please know that our goal is to lay out the cost information in an objective way that is easy to understand.  Even so, you might want to ask questions.  We recommend that you first look at our FAQs page.  If you still have more questions, you may contact us at  As time goes on we will add to and alter this page to reflect our most recent data. 

Illustrative Cost Example as of May 14 2019

Illustrative Cost Example as of June 11 2019

Illustrative Cost Example as of June 28 2019

Kaysville Broadband Report

May 2019

This report presents information that the City and stakeholders needs to make an informed decision about strategic investments in modern broadband infrastructure. This includes investments for City infrastructure needs, and for the wider business and institutional needs in Kaysville. Business retention and new business attraction can only be accomplished if the city has the right telecommunications infrastructure that will enable area businesses to compete in the global economy.

A word about the report content and organization may be helpful at the onset. This subject area is a very challenging one for governments. The complex technical nature of the undertaking sometimes makes the policy issues hard to assess. This report attempts to assist in this regard by providing a lot of technical information which can be thought of as informational or educational, in the body of the report and in several appendices.

The goal is assist the reader in placing the policy decisions in context.   You can find the report here.

You can find the Design Nine city wide survey results here.  

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