Who is Signing up?

Who Else Is Interested in Signing Up for Fiber Internet?

The map below shows residents who have expressed an opinion in signing up for fiber internet via the initial survey or this website.  It is NOT an indication of any legal opt-in or contract made by these residents.   The Kaysville fiber technical advisory group is using this information ONLY to track who is interested and who is not.  This is important because we need to know how many homes are interested for the project to be financially feasible.  If you would like your survey response hidden from this map, please contact us and let us know by sending your requtest to fiber@kaysvillecity.com.

FYI... it may take us a few days to get the sign ups from the survey on this map.

Green dots = I am interested in getting fiber internet.

Blue dots = I am undecided.

Red dots = I don't want fiber and would like to opt out.

Comments from the Survey:

  • Fiber to the home is a must
  • From the prices listed on the "Fiber to Home Information Session," fibers to be a very expensive option.
  • If this was really cost effective to the normal citizen, this would happen normally - just get regulation and government licenses/fees out of the way. No TAX dollars should be involved what-so-ever, unless EVERYONE pays taxes.
  • I've changed my mind, I am interested, but I'm SUPER skeptical about *actual* costs (both up front and monthly) and risks.
  • I pay for a 40 mb connection, but my actual speeds are 16 mb over wi-fi and about 25 mb when I’’m hard-wired. They are my only option. I would really like another option!
  • Not comfortable having to shoulder a tax burden for something I won't use. If fiber is such a game-changer how come there isn't greater adoption?
  • I would love it if the cost is the same or lower then what I have.

  • I worry that some politicians may try to build a personal legacy and leave a liability for current and future citizens that have no real benefit, a white elephant.

  • I think it would be wonderful if it was like electricity and every resident and business was given it.  IT would be great to pay $15 or $20 for per resident and keep the cost down.  If not, I think Kaysville should own it and manage it that way the costs would be lower as it is with electricity.

  • This would be awesome! Let's do it!!!

  • Service should include all power customers including PUD, private lane and flag lot customers. 

  • Fiber must run into the home. Not out front of your property.

  • Interested but need more info.

  • Do you have more details on the proposed cost options.  It wasn't clear enough for me to understand what you have posted under Costs.

  • I am very interested to how this would play out. 

  • It would be great. We are extremely unhappy with our provider now.

  • Fiber Internet would be very beneficial in that it would provide (assuming reasonable prices) true high-speed competition to Comcast. Comcast currently has a virtual monopoly on true high-speed Internet service here in Kaysville. Adding a fiber option would allow residents greater choice of providers which would likely achieve better prices for Internet access, improved Internet service speeds, or both. There are other benefits, such as increased reliability/access options, expanded speed tiers for businesses and homes, and better high-speed cloud application support. I am very interested in Kaysville joining other Utah communities with a fiber option.

  • Very interested in this. Right now I pay $76 per month but I have to call Comcast every year to beg for the current promotion. It would be nice to have one reasonable rate that I don't have to rely on a corporation jacking up when I'm not watching.

  • Very interested but that depends on costs.

  •  I feel Kaysville should do this.  This infrastructure is as critical as lights/water.

  • Faster is better... cost needs to be reasonable, ~ $40/month.

  • We are very excited about this opportunity! We are both educators in our household and internet is so important to our jobs.   I have used Comcast and Century Link and had service and coverage issues with both, not to mention the expense.  My parents live in Layton and have Fiber and I feel it is necessary for all cities to be on eventually to keep up with technology.  I would like to see Kaysville city move forward with this.

  • Been interested in this for many years! I'm happy Kaysville is finally looking into it -- but please make it happen.

  • Please let us know if this will be like centerville program or like salt lake.

  • As long as we get reliable and honest service at a reasonable price, I am totally on board. Centurylink promises fast speeds, but their lines are so overloaded that that we don't get anywhere close to the promised speeds and they are constantly increasing our "price for life" hoping that we won't notice.

  • "I am very interested in Fiber to the Home.  More competition is needed in Kaysville in a very desperate way.  The internet really is becoming the highway of the economy.  It is increasingly becoming the option of choice for the delivery of services.  Please make this happen. Thank you. "

  • We would love to get fiber. I hate having only one internet provider choice in our neighborhood. We currently have a pretty good rate, but we are not always that lucky.

  • Make this happen. Invest in our community and prepare Kaysville for the future.

  • Attended the meeting.  If project proceeds as outlined, I'm in agreement.  If plans or project changes significantly, residents and businesses should be apprised and further input gathered before proceeding.  Very much appreciated all members of the panel and the mayor for their research and patience in hosting the meeting.