Getting the Investment Right

After extensive study, the Technical Advisory Committee and industry experts are recommending:

An Open-Network System
Kaysville City should build, own and maintain the fiber infrastructure that the City needs. Additionally, the network will be made available to qualified private internet service providers. Service providers may utilize the network to provide reliable, high-speed internet connectivity throughout the City. An open-access network is intended to encourage competition, increase options, ensure high quality and help keep prices as low as possible for residents and businesses.

Community Installation
The City should run fiber optic cables underground down each street with lateral connection to every home, business and city facility. Once completed, all households and businesses will receive guaranteed basic internet access. Residents and/or businesses may then opt for a higher level of service, including Gigabit upload/download speeds.

Anticipated Construction
The entire system is expected to take three years or less to install, with sections being turned on in phases along the way. Fiber optic experts, vetted through a competitive bidding process, would construct the network.

Rate Structure
The fiber infrastructure is estimated to cost $26 million to build. As sections of the system are turned on, residents would start seeing a monthly utility fee in their bill of approximately $12.45. If residents choose not to have fiber connection extended to their home, they may submit an opt-out application. Residents who opt-out would still pay the Network Infrastructure portion of the Fiber Utility Fee estimated at $9.70 per month. Businesses would pay a total Fiber Utility Fee of approximately $21.50 per month or $13.00 per month if they choose to opt-out of connection to their building.