Kaysville Victim Services 

Crime has the potential to change the course of a person’s life. Crime impacts victims, witnesses, families, and at times entire communities. Kaysville Police Victim Services Program was established to ensure the fair and compassionate treatment of victims of crime. Kaysville Police Department fully supports the rights of crime victims and guarantees that victims of crime are treated with dignity and respect. 

Kaysville Police Victim Services Program supports crime victims and witnesses by helping them to navigate the criminal justice system and by responding to their emotional, physical, and financial needs. These services are available to help victims cope with the trauma and the aftermath of victimization and to lessen the inconveniences often associated with participation in the criminal justice process.

Advocacy Services Include:

  • Crisis intervention and safety planning
  • Case status updates
  • Notification of offender custody status
  • Support and education during the investigative and criminal proceedings
  • Information and assistance with obtaining a protective order or stalking injunction
  • Notification of crime-related medical exams, court hearings, or appointments
  • Accompaniment and support at crime-related medical exams, court hearings, or appointments
  • Transportation to crime-related medical exams, court hearings, or appointments
  • Referrals to community resources such as food assistance, emergency housing, rental assistance, legal aid, counseling, or other social services
  • Assistance with restitution and Crime Victim Reparations(CVR) claims
  • Intervention with employers, academic institutions, creditors, service providers, and landlords on behalf of the victim
  • Assistance with funeral/memorial arrangements
  • Information on Utah’s Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights (77-37-3)
  1. Victim Assistance Programs
  2. Shelter
  3. Counseling & Support Groups
  4. Community Resources
Kaysville City Victim Advocate 801-546-1131
Safe Harbor Crisis Advocates 801-444-9161
Davis County Victim Advocates 801-451-4300
Juvenile Court Advocates 801-447-3951