Promotional Banners and City Marquee Policy

Marquee Request

  • For consideration to display on the city marquee, please complete a request form.
  • Accepted Events
  • Official Kaysville City business
  • Parks and Recreation Programs
  • Official City Sponsored Community Events
  • Eagle Scouts(Projects completed for Kaysville City)
  • *Other Government business (when /if space allows)
  • Davis School District (Kaysville/Neighboring City Schools)
  • DTC
  • Davis Count(Health Department, Library, Senior Center, and USU Extension)
  • Neighboring Municipalities

*Other Government entities- Special Event Application (PDF) may be needed to proceed with marquee advertising.

  • All requests for digital marquee display must be filled out online. Kaysville Parks and Recreation has the right to edit request to fit requirements of digital marquee.
  • Removal from City Marquee
  • Kaysville City has the right to refuse any requests for the display on the digital marquee
  • The event display will be removed the day following the event.
  • All events will be placed on marquee two weeks prior to the event.

Banner Request

  • All banners must not be larger than 4’x8’
  • All banners must be approved by Parks and Recreation Staff
  • All banners will be placed by Parks and Recreation Staff two weeks prior to event and removed once event is over. Expired signs will be saved at the Recreation Building for one month and then disposed.
  • Banners will be placed at Barnes Park, Pioneer Park, Heritage Park, and the DTC corner on Main Street.
  • For consideration to display banners, please complete a request form.