What is Kaysville Fiber?

Kaysville Fiber is infrastructure the city is considering extending to every home and business. This fiber infrastructure will be a public utility, such as water, trash collection or roads, which every resident needs and benefits from. The City will build, own and maintain the infrastructure, while private companies will provide free basic internet service to all households. Private providers will also offer a wide variety of internet services and packages for an additional fee.

Our fiber network will be an “open access network,” meaning internet services providers (like Comcast, or CenturyLink) will be able to use our fiber infrastructure to provide their own connected services.

Other City services will be made possible with the installation of this infrastructure, which are necessary for the City to operate more efficiently in today’s modern society and tomorrow’s future.

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1. What is Kaysville Fiber?
2. How far along is the City at in this process?
3. Why is Kaysville City considering fiber?
4. How would fiber be installed throughout Kaysville?
5. Will the City be an internet service provider (ISP)?
6. If the City isn’t going to be an ISP, who will provide the guaranteed minimum internet service?
7. How will the Kaysville Fiber network be different than other services?
8. Will the City make a profit?
9. How is the City assessing whether creating a fiber network is worthwhile?
10. Has the City vetted all options?
11. Who will be building the network?
12. Is it legal?
13. How will the system be managed?
14. Has the model been tried elsewhere?
15. Utopia failed, so why would this work?
16. What are some examples of successful networks?
17. Aren’t there more pressing needs the City should take care of before deploying a fiber optic network?
18. How will City-owned fiber infrastructure foster competition among Internet Service Providers for the benefit of residents?
19. How much will this cost overall and for each household?
20. Will there be future fee increases?
21. How do we know that the internet retail prices will not increase over time and create a deficit?
22. What will I get for my utility fee?
23. What if I can’t afford this?
24. If I want to stay with my current provider, will I still have to pay the utility fee? If so, how does that save me money?
25. Will this system be outdated in a year or two when new technology, like 5G, arrives?
26. How is fiber a utility like water, sewer, roads, or power?
27. Do I really need a gigabit?
28. Can you really guarantee a gigabit of speed?
29. Don't we have enough bandwidth now?
30. What are the benefits?
31. Does this mean the City will tear up the streets to install fiber?
32. Will this be on the upcoming ballot?
33. What happens to citizens already committed to other ISP provider contracts?
34. Will the City need to run a line into my home?
35. What if I don’t want to participate in this? Can I opt out?
36. What happens if I opt out but later want to get it?
37. Can my HOA stop delivery to my home?